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Frequently Asked Questions

At Safe+ we stride to offer as much help as we can to our customers keeping them up to date and informed. 

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What ingredients are in your Hand Sanitiser?

Isopropanol : >80%
Glycerol: <1%
Hydrogen Peroxide: <1%

Manufactured to the WHO Recommended Formulation

Is your Hand Sanitiser BSEN Approved?

Yes our Hand Sanitiser is BSEN 1500, BSEN 1276 and BSEN 14476 Approved.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes you can, please email us for bulk orders.

Where can I get Technical Advice?

For technical advice, please send your query to

Where are you based?

Unit 2A
East Tame Business Park
Rexcine Way
Cheshire SK14 4GX
United Kingdom




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